This website is a collection of all the work that has been done and is being done on UPC by researchers and students here at Michigan Tech. Downloadable software and publications are divided into the groups listed below to make navigation easier. There is also a complete list of publications and technical reports for your convenience.

The (global) UPC community communicates through a mailing list maintained by the group at George Washington University. One should visit the mailing list sections of their site, UPC users mailing list, to view the archive of messages or sign up for the mailing list. The Mupc group at Michigan Tech also has a mailing list, mupc-l. This list should be used for local traffic only, questions about Mupc, how to run things on machines at Tech and so forth. Questions of a general nature should be directed to the main mailing list.

PGAS Seminar

Weekly discussion of PGAS topics and current projects.


MuPC is a run time system for UPC V1.1.1. It requires MPI and Pthreads and it is available for Linux clusters and Tru64 systems. MuPC implements the API defined by a contributed UPC-to-C translator that is distributed with MuPC. It uses MPI for remote references to shared objects. Local and remote accesses are performed by separate Pthreads in each UPC thread.


The collectives spec was released in December, 2003. A reference implementation is now available.

Memory model

We are interested in fostering greater understanding of UPC's underlying memory model. Language implementors and users need to know what the memory model gives them and what it requires from them. To that end, we are working on clarifying the semantics of the memory model, providing pedagogical materials, and developing programming patterns that exploit the memory model to its fullest.


Real World applications written using UPC.


Look here for tutorial slides, example code or general help on programming in UPC.


This is a complete list of all publications, technical reports and posters that you can find on this site.

Local Users

Information on how to use the clusters at MTU and how to compile and run upc code. This is intended for students and faculty at MTU.
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